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Good for you.

We appreciate the extra hard work involved in a dual graduate degree and are pleased to offer a signing bonus to first year JD/MBA associates who accept an offer with us. Whether you’re a JD/MBA, or still considering this option, we want you to know we think it’s a very smart business move. An MBA program allows you to work collaboratively in teams and learn in an environment with people who aren’t lawyers. You’ll graduate with a better understanding of the intricacies between business and law.

With an MBA you are, of course, in a terrific position to practice business law. For JD/MBAs who go into business law, you’ll be well-supported here by people who appreciate your legal and business skills. You’ll have a number of different practice areas to choose from at any given time, including intellectual property, real estate, private equity, and others. We’ll provide you access to some of the most compelling and interesting work in business law. To find out more about our business law practice areas, click here.

JD/MBA’s who choose to become litigators will protect the interests of our business law clients – and much more. You will have opportunities to pursue cases that interest you, and to work on precedent-setting issues involving patent litigation, white collar crime, and products liability.

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